Call Date: 2012

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Prior to qualifying as a barrister, Ioana has worked for various solicitor firms with busy criminal practices. Ioana joined Farringdon Chambers after successfully completing her pupillage under the supervision of Martin Mccarthy.

Ioana is regularly instructed in a broad range of criminal matters including dishonesty, violence, drugs, public disorder and regulatory offences. She regularly appears as led junior in the most complex conspiracies of drugs and offences involving dishonesty.

Ioana is often praised for her abilities, she is tenacious and diligent and is particularly versed in disclosure issues. Whenever instructed, “her assistance and guidance has proved invaluable” and “keeps those instructing updated in real time”. These qualities have led to her instruction in complex cases from an early stage in her career. She has “a real eye for detail and a breadth of knowledge.” Ioana is fearless in cross examination and a charismatic advocate throughout. Her ability to connect and engage with the jury has led to swift acquittals in very serious cases.

Ioana often represents young defendants and individuals who find themselves in trouble for the first time. She is commended for her thorough research and for going the extra mile by tailoring her approach to meet the client’s needs. She is “able to bring to the case that mixture of empathy and objective professional advice,” giving her clients the confidence that she will do her utmost best in every case.

Ioana is often instructed in civil applications such as forfeiture and “gets incredible results in unwinnable cases.” She represents clients in confiscation proceedings and a vast range of driving offences. Ioana also represents requested persons in extradition proceedings both in the Magistrates Court and the High Court.


Led junior:

- R v C (October 2018) – Birmingham Crown Court – Led by Martin Mccarthy in a 600,000 pages complex modern slavery case involving 10 Defendants.

- R v A (June 2018) – Bristol Crown Court – Led by Graham Arnold in a multi-handed conspiracy to burgle and handle valuable art up to £2 million.

- R v B (Mar 2018) – Worcester Crown Court – Led by Edward McKiernan in a multi-handed class A drug conspiracy. Case involved over 100,000 pages of telephone evidence. Reported in the local news.

- R v N (Jun 2017) – Wolverhampton Crown Court – Led junior in a multi-handed class A drug conspiracy, possession of firearms and perverting the course of justice. This case involved examination of call data, but also lengthy submissions on the category of the offending and totality of the sentence.

- R v P (Nov 2016) - Stafford Crown Court – Led by Martin McCarthy in a multi-handed drugs conspiracy (class A and class B). The case involved detailed examination of the call and cell site data.

Junior alone:

- R v R (2018) – Canterbury Crown Court – Currently instructed in an alleged facilitation of illegal entry where the Crown’s case relies heavily on phone evidence.

- R v R (2018) – Birmingham Crown Court – Currently instructed in an alleged conspiracy to steal £1,000,000 worth of car parts.

- R v I (2018) – Inner London Crown Court – Represented a female Defendant who was accused of a conspiracy to steal over £1,000,000 worth of diamonds. The Defendant accepted that she disguised herself in a niqab and burka and accompanied the male who stole the diamonds but stated that she did not know anything was to be stolen. Crown’s case relied heavily on phone evidence. The Defence relied on the phone evidence that was not part of the Crown’s schedules. Unanimous Not Guilty verdict in an hour. The Defendant was released after 7 months in custody.

- R v L (2018) – Snaresbrook Crown Court – Secured acquittal of a young man charged with rape and sexual assault by penetration.

- R v S (2018) – Inner London Crown Court – Instructed in a 20,000-page money laundering case. Extensive telephone contact and banking data. S has allegedly laundered money that originated from an international large-scale fraud involving email scams. The defence was a complex one, as S is running a money transfer business in different countries.

- R v B (2017) – Southend Crown Court – Allegation of four breaches of a prohibition imposed by fire brigade.

- R v M (2017) – Snaresbrook Crown Court – Allegation of violent disorder and possession of an offensive weapon. It was alleged that M and his brother were seeking revenge against a group of youths that have bullied their family. One of M’s brothers entered a Guilty plea at an earlier stage to possession of a samurai sword. M, who was in proximity to his brothers, in possession of a snooker cue was acquitted after trial.

- R v K (2017) ­– St. Albans Crown Court – Acquittal of an 18-year-old charged with aggravated burglary. L admitted having lied in the police interview and changed his oral evidence from his defence statement that was signed on the first day of the trial.

- R v L (2017) – Blackfriars Crown Court – Witness intimidation resulting from a trial involving a domestic violence assault. L’ was acquitted on appeal of both counts of assault, followed by an acquittal to the witness intimidation charge.

- R v S (2017) - Isleworth Crown Court - 17-year-old youth in an appeal against conviction in a three-handed robbery against a vulnerable victim. The trial involved extensive cross examination of police officers in relation to her client’s search that resulted in the finding of the victim’s necklace in S’s pocket. One officer found the item, and another had witnessed it. The judge found that he cannot be sure that the necklace was found in S’s pocket because of the inconsistencies in the investigation.

- R v J (2016) - Caernarfon Crown Court - Acquittal after 30 minutes for J charged with cultivation of cannabis (335 plants found at an apartment in Wrexham). J was found shirtless in one of the rooms that resembled a cannabis jungle. Reported in the local news.

- R v A (2016) - Canterbury Crown Court - Illegal entry of a 16-year-old daughter of his friend.


- R v D (2017) – Northampton Crown Court – Order agreed following successful representations. The final benefit figure was reduced by in excess of £10 million and the available amount was reduced by in excess of £5,000. Case involved examination of banking records, as well as handwritten records of the drug trafficking debt.


- R v C (2016) - Camberwell Green Magistrates Court - Successfully persuaded the tribunal on the balance of probabilities that C is entitled to reclaim his £12,000 in cash from the police. C was a Romanian citizen and was suspected of being part of a criminal organised group that was involved in stealing cards from nightclubs.

Driving offences:

- R v K (2017) – Basildon Magistrates Court – K pleaded Guilty to his second driving whilst disqualified and had three previous convictions from drinking under the influence of alcohol. He was sentenced to a fine.

- R v C (2016) – Bexleyheath Magistrates Court – Following successful interrogation of the witnesses and presentation of the evidence, the Bench found that there are special reasons not to impose any points in a driving without insurance case. Absolute discharge.

R v D (2016) – Highbury Corner Magistrates Court – D was charged with failure to provide a specimen. The Bench dismissed the charge at the conclusion of the Crown’s case after a successful application of no case to answer.


University College of London, LLM (2014-2019)

City Law School, Bar Practice Training Course (2012)

City University, LLB Degree (2:1) (2011)

Leysin American School Switzerland, Full IB (2008)


Gray’s Inn

Criminal Bar Association


Ioana is fluent in Romanian (native) and conversational in Spanish and German.

Ioana leads an active lifestyle and enjoys tennis. She likes to think that she is almost a professional skier, passion that was fueled during her years at a fairytale-like boarding school in the Swiss Alps.

Ioana loves art and she enjoys a good exhibition, fashion and theatre.

Ioana is also a flexible postgraduate student at University College of London, expanding her legal horizons in the intellectual property and competition law field as she desires to expand her practice into white collar crime. Given the interesting developments in this field, she also studied Aspects of National Security Law giving her a particular insight into terrorism law and public interest immunity.


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