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Farringdon Chambers and 11 of its members are listed in Legal 500 edn 2021

Farringdon Chambers are delighted to announce that we have been ranked in the Legal 500 directory for crime in 2021.

This success is the culmination of many years of hard work and follows the growing number of individual members who have been recognised and ranked. We now have 11 ranked members across all bands from a range of call brackets.

This recognition and success demonstrates the strength in depth of our membership. It confirms chambers reputation and its place among the elite at the criminal bar.

On an individual basis we are also delighted to announce that both Ian Henderson QC and Martin McCarthy have been ranked in band 1 for general crime.
Graham Arnold, Claire Davies, Molly Pinkus, Shelley Griffith, Elizabeth Lambert, Soraya Lawrence and Chris Whitehouse all retain their ranking. Greg Krieger and Ioana Nedelcu are ranked for the first time.

In addition, Martin McCarthy, Graham Arnold and Claire Davies are also ranked in Fraud Crime.

The entries for each of our ranked members reflects their skill set and gives an insight into the quality of counsel practising at Farringdon. However, rather than resting on our success, we aim over the next few years to expand the number of those currently ranked to incorporate the many other talented members of chambers.

Ian Henderson QC - Farringdon Chambers ‘A very impressive silk; his cross-examination is razor-sharp and his closing speeches are subtly crafted. Impeccable judgement, knows his brief and has a manner that inspires trust and respect from the Bench, the jury and his fellow advocates. Prepared to make bold tactical decisions when sitting on the fence would be safer but less advantageous to his client.’

Martin McCarthy - Farringdon Chambers ‘go to Counsel for heavyweight general crime, particularly drugs, People Trafficking and Serious Organised Crime. He is trusted and respected by Judges and his peers and often commended by clients for his ability to persuade in Court. Martin is a rare breed of leading junior advocates who has a firm, tenacious manner in Court mixed with charm and charisma.’

Graham Arnold - Farringdon Chambers ‘Graham is a very experienced junior at all types of crime. He is an excellent advocate with good judgement and he is very supportive and diligent when being led. A stylish advocate who quickly gains the ear of the judge.’

Claire Davies - Farringdon Chambers ‘Claire is the most sought after of leading juniors. She is known for her devastating cross examination, extremely persuasive ability in legal arguments and her eloquent and powerful closing speeches. Juries are in awe of her. Her peers admire her. She is our go to female leader in cases of complexity and those involving vulnerable witnesses. A true leader in her field. Approachable, unflappable, meticulous and all round star performer.’

Molly Pinkus - Farringdon Chambers ‘Molly can digest and process large volumes of complex evidence and explain it to juries in succinct arguments and submissions. She is able to gain the trust of the Judge and her opponents through her well thought out strategies. She is excellent with clients and can empathise and relate to clients of all kinds.’                        
Shelley Griffith - Farringdon Chambers ‘Rarely do solicitors work with such hardworking and determined counsel.’

Elizabeth Lambert - Farringdon Chambers ‘She defends in organised crime cases.’

Soraya Lawrence – Farringdon chambers ‘ Soraya is a tenacious advocate who is easy to work with and feels passionately about her cases. There are many strengths in particular an genuine ability to be empathetic with clients in the most sensitive of cases and to deal with them with the upmost respect. Essentially this is a barrister who is determined to pursue complex legal arguments beyond the Crown Court and to the Court of Appeal.’

Chris Whitehouse – Farringdon Chambers ‘A compelling advocate with a fiery intellect. He has an admirable, understated, well-measured and very sensible approach to advocacy - be it in front of a jury or judge alone. He is a formidable opponent. His cross-examination is always meticulously-planned, well-structured and incisive

Greg Krieger - Farringdon Chambers ‘His legal knowledge and understanding of legislation is superb. He is not afraid to run legal arguments others may shy away from and is persistent and successful. Sheer class for someone of his call. ’

Ioana Nedelcu – Farringdon Chambers ‘She has a ferocious work ethic, and punches well above her year of call. She approaches every case confidently and creatively. Through hard work and persistence, I have seen her obtain brilliant results in almost impossible cases. Great with disclosure, Ioana is often instructed in lengthy and paper heavy cases. Her memory is second to none and her ability to digest complex issues and large amounts of information quickly never fails to impress.’

Fraud Crime:

Martin McCarthy - Farringdon Chambers ‘Juries appreciate his down-to-earth style. Martin can be both charismatic yet firm. He is a formidable opponent and we know that when we instruct him, Martin will go out of his way and fight tirelessly for our client's cause. In our view, Martin is one of the most talented fraud and business crime juniors at the bar with a practice that all juniors aspire to.

Graham Arnold - Farringdon Chambers ‘Attention to detail, knowledge of the case, doesn't shirk legal arguments, and very good advocate. He is a relentless street fighter, however difficult the challenge.’

Claire Davies - Farringdon Chambers ‘Tactically astute, with a naturally authoritative court manner. Claire is always extremely well prepared and thorough. She is definitely someone who you would want in your corner!’

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