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Matthew McKimmJunior Clerk

Matthew commenced his clerking career in November 2019

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Natalie HendersonFees Clerk

Natalie Henderson became Chambers fees clerk in 2016.

Clerks Room

Efficiency and modernity are the cornerstones of our clerks room. Our team prides itself on being flexible and responsive to the needs of our clients and to offer sound professional advice in matching the right barrister to the right case.

Our clerks can be contacted out-of-hours to provide the highest levels of service to our clients and ensure that no hearing is under-represented.

With over 65 years of combined experience, senior clerk, Bob Archer and first junior, Richard Vile are responsible for the development and management of chambers. Both are very approachable, forward thinking and together bestow Farringdon with an impressive leadership team. Bob and Richard have a close-knit relationship and by working in tandem are determined to help drive chambers forward as one of the best criminal sets in the country.

We operate in accordance with the Practice Management for the Bar guidelines and the Code of Equality which are designed to guarantee the highest standards of service with appropriate attention to diversity issues. Our integrated diary and fee collection systems are fully computerised to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Farringdon Chambers offers modern and comfortable conference facilities in the heart of Bermondsey Street, a short walk from the iconic landmarks of The Shard and Tower Bridge. The nearest stations are London Bridge and Borough.

Both lay clients and professional clients may contact the clerks for quotes for instructions please click here for further information on whether we can assist.


Robert Archer "Stands out for his sensitivity to solicitor needs’. Archer is ‘well-liked in the legal community not just because he is nice, but because he is so good at his trade that he makes keeping everyone happy look easy’; with fee matters ‘more than ably handled’ by Natalie Henderson

The clerks room is headed up by Bob Archer who has a reputation for being both charming and client focused. For this set of chambers he has positively, since its creation, brought them forward both in numbers and strength as well as professionalism.

Chambers provides a fantastic service to its users. The clerks work tirelessly to ensure smooth communication with solicitors, other chambers and those in court administration. The senior clerk, Bob Archer is a pleasure to deal with whilst heading an effective and positive clerks room.

Bob Archer is an old school clerk who does and deserves to do well. Takes great pride in what he does.

Bob Archer is always on hand to assist. I have had to call upon his services sometimes very late at night for some professional conduct issues and he has been able to arrange access within Chambers of Barristers who have been extremely supportive in their assistance at short notice.

Richard Vile ‘is extremely responsive, efficient, and friendly – just what you want from a clerk’.

Latest News

Farringdon Chambers is delighted to announce that Claire Davies has been appointed QC

December 22 2021

Farringdon Chambers is delighted to announce that Claire Davies has been successful in her application for Queen's Counsel and...

Ioana Nedelcu secures the acquittal of a young man in slavery and facilitation case

December 16 2021

Ioana appeared for the Appellant (a young man) in an appeal against conviction on slavery, facilitation, drugs supply and possession...

Farringdon Chambers and six of our members are ranked in Chambers and Partners edn 2022

October 21 2021

Farringdon Chambers are proud to have maintained their ranking in Chambers and Partners edn 2022 in the Crime category. A number...

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