Farringdon Barrister Chambers

Equality & Diversity

Chambers Equality & Diversity Policy

Chambers will not discriminate against any person on the grounds of age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status(including civil partnership), religion, ethnicity or disability.

All pupils, squatters and tenants will be treated equally.

Members of staff will be respected at all times as will any visitors to Chambers.

No member of Chambers or employee will be discriminated against on the grounds of age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status(including civil partnership), religion, ethnicity or disability.

No member of Chambers or employee will discriminate against a professional client or lay client on the grounds of age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status(including civil partnership), religion, ethnicity or disability.

Any member of Chambers or employee believed to be discriminating against any other member of Chambers, employee, professional client or lay client will be subject to disciplinary proceedings.

A copy of that summary can be accessed below.

Complaints Policy

Complainants Confidentially

At Farringdon Chambers members and staff maintain high standards at all times and take pride in the level of service offered.

Chambers does however realise that from time to time our service may fall short of what is expected, and therefore it is essential there is a complaints procedure in place.

Chambers is committed to dealing with all complainants confidentially, swiftly and sensitively.

Should clients wish to make a complaint it should at the first instance be notified to the Senior Clerk or one of the Management Team.

Any complaints will be acknowledged within 72 hours of receipt.

All complaints will be dealt with inline with Chambers Grievance and Complaints procedure.

Chambers Grievance and Complaints procedure can be found below.

As a client you also have a right to complain to the Legal Ombudsman whose details are:

Legal Ombudsman
PO Box 6806

Phone: 0300 555 0333
Email: enquiries@legalombudsman.org.uk
Website: www.legalombudsman.org.uk

If you wish to complain about a barrister who is not representing you then all Barristers are regulated by the Bar Standards Board whose contact details are:

Bar Standards Board
289-293 High Holborn,

Phone: 0207 611 1444
Fax: 0207 831 9217
Email: contactus@barstandardsboard.org.uk
Website: www.barstandardsboard.org.uk

Complaints Procedure

Chambers Complaints Procedure

The Chambers Complains Procedure provides for the resolution of complaints made externally to Chambers.

1. The types of complaints with which this procedure is intended to deal include:

  • Complaints by professional clients
  • Complaints by lay clients

2. Complaints must be raised within a period of three months from the date of the events giving rise to the grievance. The management committee may in its absolute discretion extend that period where there are exceptional circumstances giving rise to the delay.

Informal Resolution – Stage 1

3. Upon a complaint being received it shall be brought to the attention of a member of the Management Committee or, where appropriate, the Senior Clerk. The complainant shall then be contacted by a member of the management committee, or such other person delegated to contact the complainant e.g. the senior clerk or a member of the clerking team, to discuss the complaint.

4. If the complainant consents at that stage then the person complained of may be contacted by the Management Committee member and/or Senior Clerk to seek informal resolution.

5. A record is to be kept of all complaints, meetings held and any resolution.

Panel Resolution – Stage 2

6. If the complaint cannot be resolved informally or the complainant wishes to seek formal resolution, the complainant shall be invited to submit a written complaint to the Management Committee who will convene a panel to hear the complaint.

7. The hearing panel shall consist of at least three members of the management committee, including at least two directors of Dolphin Riders Ltd.

8. The complaint will normally be disclosed to the person complained of, unless on inspection it is clearly without merit or other exceptional circumstances apply.

9. The panel will convene in private in the first instance to receive a report from the member (or person delegated) about the informal resolution stage. Unless the complaint is dismissed as being clearly without merit, the panel will call a meeting at which

  • a) The complainant
  • b) The person complained of and
  • c) Any other relevant person, including the senior clerk, may be invited to attend.

10. The complainant and the personal complained of shall be entitled to be accompanied to the meeting by a friend or colleague.

11. A record shall be kept of all such meetings.

12. No meeting shall proceed in the absence of the complainant or person complained of unless they have indicated in writing in advance their intention not to attend or have refused or declined to attend on at least on previous occasion.

13. The Panel having heard such evidence and determined the facts shall either:

  • a) Uphold the complaint (in whole or in part) and, where appropriate, offer any formal apology or statement on behalf of chambers
  • b) Dismiss the complaint
  • c) Refer the complaint to an external body e.g. the BSB
  • d) Take any other steps thought appropriate.

14. NB: Please see the Code of Conduct (rules C66, C68, C95-99) for the circumstances in which the disciplinary panel is likely to refer a member of chambers to the BSB. This is broadly where the panel has material before it which as it stands establishes a reasonably credible case of serious misconduct.

15. The resolution of the complaint shall be put in writing to the complainant (copied to their senior partner or manager where appropriate) and to the person complained of.

16. Employees: Where the person complained of is an employee of Dolphin Riders Ltd and the complaint, if upheld, may result in disciplinary action being taken against him/her, the subject of the complaint shall also be entitled to be accompanied to the meeting by a member of chambers, a fellow employee or, in exceptional circumstances and with the agreement of the panel, a friend or colleague from outside chambers. Any procedure followed in these circumstances by the complaints panel must be accordance with Chambers’ disciplinary procedures for employees.

17. Either the complainant or the person complained of (and any person accompanying them) may be excluded from any part of the meeting at the absolute discretion of the panel, subject to the interests of fairness.

Appeal – Stage 3

18. If the complainant is not satisfied with the outcome of the formal procedure and wishes to appeal, he/she must do so in writing within 7 days of being informed in writing of the outcome of stage 2, setting out why he/she is unsatisfied with the outcome.

19. The appeal shall be heard by the Head of Chambers and at least one director of Dolphin Riders Ltd not previously involved in the stage 2 procedure. They shall be provided with all records relating to the complaint and may also receive an oral report from any member of the panel.

20. A meeting shall be called to consider the appeal. The appeal shall be by way of review, not a full rehearing of the complaint.

21. Both the complainant and the person complained of shall have the right to attend the meeting in the same terms as paragraphs 10 and 16 above but either may be excluded from such parts as, in the absolute discretion of the Head of Chambers, is thought appropriate.

22. No meeting shall proceed in the absence of the complainant or person complained of unless they have indicated in writing in advance their intention not to attend or have refused or declined to attend on at least one previous occasion.

23. The appeal panel shall on hearing the appeal either allow the appeal (in whole or in part) or dismiss the appeal and in doing so may also take any of the steps set out in paragraph 13

24. The outcome of the appeal shall be put in writing to the complainant and the person complained of.

25. Where a possible outcome of the appeal is a finding of misconduct or gross misconduct by an employee of Dolphin Riders Chambers, the appeal procedure must comply with Chambers’ disciplinary policy for employees.

26. None of the above procedure is intended to act as a bar to the complainant making a complaint to the Legal Ombudsman or the Bar Standards Board. If such a complaint is made it may be appropriate to suspend any internal procedure of Chambers.

Diversity Survey

Diversity Data Survey

Which role best describes your position within Chambers?

Member of Chambers 6
Squatter 0
Pupil 0
Any role supporting directly a Barrister 0
IT/HR/Other corporate role 0
Prefer not to say 0
No response 6

Do you have responsibility for supervising or managing other employees?

Yes 3
No 3
Prefer not to say 0
Total 6
Age Range

Which are range do you fall into?

16-24 0
25-34 1
35-44 2
45-54 2
55-64 0
65+ 0
Prefer not to say 1
No response 6
Female 4
Male 2
Prefer not to say 0
Total 6

Do you consider yourself to have a disability?

Yes 0
No 6
Prefer not to say 0
No response 0
Ethnic Group

What is your ethnic group?

White British/Welsh/Scottish/N. Irish
Gypsy or Irish Traveller
Other white background
Mixed White and Black Carribean
White and Black African
White and Chinese
Other mixed background
Asian/Asian British Indian
Other Asian Background
Black/Black British Carribean
Other Black background
Arab or Other Ethnicity Arab
Other Ethnic group
Prefer not to say 0
No response 0
Socio Economic Background

If you went to University (to study BA, BSc course or higher) were you part of the first generation in your family to do so?

Yes 3
No 3
Did not attend University 0
Prefer not to say 0
No response 0

Did you mainly attend a state or fee paying fee school between the ages of 11-18?

UK State School 4
UK Independent School 1
Attended School outside of the UK 1
No response 0
Caring Responsibilities

Are you the primary carer for a child or children under 18?

Yes 1
No 5
Prefer not to say 0
No response 0

Do you look after or give any help or support to family members, friends neighbours or others because of either:

Long-term physical or mental ill health/disability

Problems related to old age

(Do not count anything you do as part of your paid employment)

Yes 1-19hrs per week 1
Yes 20-49 hours a week
Yes More than 50 hours a week
No 5
Prefer not to say
Marital Status

What is your marital Status?

Single 1
Married 5
Civil Partner
Living with Partner
Prefer not to say

Contractual Terms

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