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Farringdon Chambers and 13 of our members are ranked in Legal 500 edn 2022

Farringdon Chambers are proud to have maintained their ranking in Legal 500 edn 2022 in the Crime category. These are wonderful news for Chambers and its 13 members that have been ranked amongst the General and Financial Crime categories, in spite of the exceptionally difficult and trying times at the Bar during the pandemic. Chambers and its members have continued to strive, work hard and continue to deliver the highest quality of service to both lay and professional clients. It is an absolute delight to be recognised for our joint efforts.

Farringdon chambers were reviewed as “widely known for its expertise in criminal law” with a “wide array of dedicated counsel” and praised for “the breadth of experience within chambers that is wide-ranging and covers expertise in almost all aspects of criminal law.”

Ian Henderson QC, Martin McCarthy, Claire Davies, Molly Pinkus, Graham Arnold, Shelley Griffith, Elizabeth Lambert, Soraya Lawrence, Chris Whitehouse, Greg Krieger and Ioana Nedelcu all retain their ranking for General Crime. Ronnie Bergenthal is also ranked for the first time.

In addition, Graham Arnold and Martin McCarthy maintain their ranking, whilst Claire Davies moved up a tier in Fraud Crime. John Lucas is also ranked for the first time.

The entries for each of our ranked members confirms the quality of work and the drive of those practising at Farringdon chambers. Our primary aim is to continue to improve and incorporate many more exceptionally talented members of chambers.


Ian Henderson QC - Farringdon Chambers ‘Ian is a charming and affable advocate who lulls all into a false sense of security before landing the killer blow. He works hard, understands his brief and clients love him.’

Martin McCarthy - Farringdon Chambers ‘Martin is in command of his papers (which can be voluminous running to thousands) and robustly cross examines witnesses.’

Claire Davies - Farringdon Chambers ‘Claire is a very fine advocate whose cases are always meticulously prepared.’

Graham Arnold - Farringdon Chambers ‘Graham never gives up no matter how hard the odds are. He is the advocate of choice for difficult clients and hard cases.’

Molly Pinkus - Farringdon Chambers ‘Molly is great with clients and very well prepared. She is a very able and confident advocate.’

Elizabeth Lambert - Farringdon Chambers ‘Elizabeth is an outstanding defence junior.’

Soraya Lawrence – Farringdon chambers ‘Soraya is a very careful and pensive advocate who cares deeply about all her cases. Nobody is more dedicated to fighting their clients’ corner than her. She does this whilst maintaining a warmth and charm.’

Chris Whitehouse – Farringdon Chambers ‘Chris has an admirable, understated, well-measured and very sensible approach to advocacy – be it in front of a jury or judge alone. He is a formidable opponent. He has a good sense of judgement in which bad points are not taken; he is particularly effective when making legal submissions or a jury speech. His cross examination is always meticulously planned, well-structured and incisive. He is always on top of his brief; he does not cut corners. He is up-to-date on legal developments.’ 

Shelley Griffith – Farringdon chambers ‘Shelley is extremely hardworking – the attention to detail is meticulous. He is tenacious in court and will fight for his clients to the highest of standards. Shelley does not bend to the will of his opponents easily but takes a realistic and pragmatic approach to his cases.’

Greg Krieger - Farringdon Chambers ‘Greg takes a pragmatic approach to his cases using his extensive legal knowledge to challenge the prosecution on all levels. A real fighter you want on your team. His meticulous approach to cases makes him ideal for the frauds and murder cases he specialises in. he has a superb analytical approach to cases. He gets on very well with clients and is always on top of the facts of a case. He is very hard working and has an encyclopaedic memory. A strong lawyer and powerful advocate.’

Ioana Nedelcu – Farringdon Chambers ‘Ioana’s ability to hold the clients’ attention and engage positively to glean further instructions is second to none and invaluable when dealing with difficult clients. She has a brain for detail and absorbs more information about a case than anyone at the Bar. Years after concluding a case she will still remember the names and even phone numbers of those involved. She has a relaxed and easy-going style which both clients and solicitors admire.’

Ronnie Bergenthal – Farringdon Chambers ‘Ronnie is a brilliant and highly skilled advocate. Ronnie has an extensive knowledge of the law, is quick to get to grips with even the most complex of cases, identify the issues, and present the case in an extremely persuasive and comprehensive way. He epitomises the very best qualities of the Bar.’

Fraud Crime:

Graham Arnold - Farringdon Chambers ‘A much sought-after trial advocate, who combines an impressive legal brain with great charisma before the jury,’

Martin McCarthy - Farringdon Chambers ‘A junior who possesses expert tactical acumen, both in his submissions and his dealings with witnesses and juries.’

Claire Davies - Farringdon Chambers ‘Claire’s easy going style endears her to clients, solicitors and judges alike, yet in court she has a powerful, formidable presence, and is bold, strong and robust when necessary.’

John Lucas - Farringdon Chambers ‘John is an experienced barrister – persuasive, charming and has a hugely confident courtroom manner. Clients have complete faith in him.’

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