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Ioana Nedelcu led by KC secures an indefinite hospital order in a tragic manslaughter case

Ioana led by Caroline Haughey KC, was instructed to defend a grandmother who killed her 5 year old grandson by way of stabbing him repeatedly. In a highly emotional case, with the Crown's own psychiatrist noting that she was very unwell when she committed the act, it was recognised by four different psychiatrists that she had the defence of diminished responsability available to her.  The Defendant entered a Guilty plea to manslaughter by diminished responsability. 

The case involved a large number of expert reports in the field of psychiatry and issues of insanity / diminished responsability. 

The sentence was reserved to Mrs. Justice Cockerill who sentenced the Defendant to an indefinite hospital order noting that she has no doubt that the Defendant would never have hurt, let alone kill her grandson had she not been very ill. The case attracted widespread media attention.  

Instructed by Iqbal Kang and Sarah Froggartt of Vienna Kang Solicitors.

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