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William Chipperfield represented a client who was the alleged 2nd in command of a 5 million pound drugs conspiracy

No Encro phones were seized directly, but the Encro evidence obtained was damning.


The defence case was duress of circumstances and that they were not a ’Trusted Lieutenant’ or ‘Right-Hand Man’ but moreover a vulnerable adult subjugated to a role amounting to a 'modern slave'.


Will's client was found not guilty after a jury trial lasting 6 weeks. As well as calling a leading expert to give evidence as to the defendants state of mind, the defence team did a comparative analysis on the Encro messages against the defendant’s personal phones and proved he was acting under direction of the boss at all times. The jury was further persuaded that the defendant was being used by the boss as a barrier between them and any provable criminality.


Unanimous acquittal for Will's client. The remaining defendants were all found guilty and received lengthy custodial sentences.


This is just one of many Encro cases Wiliam has been involved in and is notable because duress is widely considered one of the most challenging defences to put before a jury.


Instructed by Rajesh Bhamm and Jack Ward of Tank Jowett Solicitors.


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