Tim Bass

  • Year of Call 1999

Tim defends in all types of criminal cases, and is always committed to getting the very best possible result for his client; no matter how big or small the case may be.

Career Overview

Tim has 20 years of experience; practicing exclusively in criminal defence work.

He manages a busy caseload, covering matters right across the spectrum of criminal offences. This includes allegations of violence, dishonesty, drugs, sex, firearms, weapons, public order, public interest, road traffic, exploitation and human trafficking.

The cases that Tim appears in are often serious, complex, evidence-heavy, and multi-handed. Many of them involve representing those who are young, vulnerable, or with mental health difficulties.

He is instructed as both leading and led junior.

It is important to Tim that he enjoys a good rapport with those he represents, as he cares about what happens to them.

Tim would like to think that he is tactically astute, has an eye for detail, and the ability to spot case-winning points that others will miss. He takes pride in being a persuasive jury advocate that delivers strong and well-constructed speeches.

Areas of Expertise

Tim appears in both the Appellate and Crown Courts; specialising in all areas of criminal defence work.

In addition to work covered by legal aid, he undertakes privately funded work, which extends to road traffic/motor insurance matters.

Notable Cases

R v SN (April 2019) – Attempted Murder - Snaresbrook CC

Instructed as Leading junior. Complainant was stabbed 5 times, after a night out socializing with his room-mate.

R v CG (March 2019) – Human trafficking - Snaresbrook CC

4 handed conspiracy to facilitate the illegal entry of Vietnamese immigrants into the UK, and exploit them.

R v TI (January 2019) – Rape - Northampton CC

Alleged stranger rape on a female University student.

R v AN (December 2018) – Firearms - Snaresbrook CC

Loaded firearm allegedly attributed to the Defendant through DNA evidence.

R v KT (December 2018) – Acquiring criminal property - Kingston CC

6 handed, paper heavy, 700K fraud, whereby the Defendant was alleged to have acquired the proceeds.

R -v- RD (June 2018) – Sexual grooming x 8, Cat A indecent images - St Albans CC

Defendant alleged to have groomed vulnerable young girls, exploited them sexually, and produced category A indecent images.

R v C (April 2018) – Sexual activity with a child x 16 - Maidstone CC

Stepfather alleged to have sexually abused his 2 step-daughters; one of whom tragically committed suicide. The case gained widespread media attention.

R v NK (April 2018) – Possession of false ID documents x 12 - Harrow CC

Harrow CC.

R v KK (March 2018) – Possession firearm with intent x 2 - Inner London CC

Having attempted to take his own life, Defendant with mental health issues alleged to have threatened paramedics with a firearm.

R v SB (March 2018) – Crash for cash - Derby CC.

Paper heavy, 17 handed conspiracy to defraud motor insurance companies by staging false road traffic collisions.

R v TH (January 2018) – Rape of a child under 13 x 4 - Maidstone CC

Allegations of rape made by the complainant against her brother. Involved complex and important disclosure issues.

R v KG (January 2018) – 200k money laundering – Basildon CC

Multi-handed, paper-heavy fraud, where the stolen money was allegedly siphoned out of the country through bogus companies.

R v HM (October 2017) – knife point robbery – Snaresbrook CC

3 handed knife point robbery on an unsuspecting Sainsburys shopper. Evidentially complex case, involving DNA, fingerprints, CCTV, telephone data and cellsite material/experts.

R v JS (August 2017) – Public Order – Blackfriars CC

Alleged attack by 4 youths on a lone female on the London Underground. The case attracted widespread media attention.

R v KJ (July 2017) – s.18 Wounding – Isleworth CC

Stabbing in a residential street, after an earlier stabbing in a nightclub. Required very careful analysis of CCTV, and important disclosure requests.

R v MC (June 2017) – s.18 Wounding – Snaresbrook CC

Stabbing in a family home.

R v LC (March 2017) – Conspiracy to supply class A – Stafford CC

Paper heavy, 24 handed conspiracy to supply more than 14 kilos of class A drugs between Organised Crime Groups.

R v BS (February 2017) – Conspiracy to supply class A – Southwark CC

Conspiracy to supply over 10 kilos of class A drugs.

R v MW (January 2017) – Conspiracy to cause explosions – Blackfriars CC

5 handed conspiracy to blow up ATM machines in public places.

R v ND (December 2016) – Assisting an offender – Harrow CC

5 handed trial, in which the Defendant was alleged to have assisted the shooter in an attempted murderer, by providing the firearm and disposing of it afterwards.

R v RM (December 2016) – Conspiracy to supply class A – Stafford CC

Leading junior in a paper heavy, 24 handed conspiracy to supply over 14 kilos of class A drugs by Organised Crime Groups.

R v SS (October 2016) – Kidnap, false imprisonment, supply class A, possession ammunition – Kingston CC

Multi-handed case, in which the Defendant was alleged to have kidnapped his former partner, falsely imprisoned her, and plied her with class A drugs.

R v SB (September 2016) – Kidnap, false imprisonment, witness intimidation – Guildford CC

6 handed conspiracy to kidnap, and torture the complainant over stolen drugs.

R v RP (June 2016) – Crash for cash – Harrow CC

9 handed conspiracy to commit fraud, by staging road traffic collisions.

R v FS (Pre-2016) – Murder – Old Bailey Led junior

Defendant alleged to have murdered his wife and then attempted to flee the country.

R v KH (Pre 2016) – Perverting the course of justice – Southwark CC

6 handed, paper heavy case, involving a corrupt court official that would make driving offences disappear in return for bribes.

R v IR (Pre 2016) – Conspiracy to supply class A, firearms with intent – Woolwich CC

5 handed conspiracy to supply class A drugs, and possession of weapons with intent to endanger life [machine gun, loaded pistols, silencer]

R v AC (Pre 2016) – Attempted rape – Snaresbrook CC

Allegations of attempted rape by a deaf man on a deaf woman. 5 British Sign language interpreters required during the trial.

R v BK (Pre 2016) – Proceeds of Crime – Old Bailey

6 handed, paper heavy case, involving large scale fraud conducted on bank accounts, and the laundering of the monies obtained.

R v RJ (Pre 2016) – s.18, threats to kill, prohibited weapons and criminal damage – Canterbury CC

Defendant alleged to have entered a pub, CS sprayed members of the public, glassed a member of staff, and damaged the premises.

R v AJ (Pre 2016) – Importation class A drugs, possession of firearms – Snaresbrook CC

Defendant alleged to have imported large quantity of cocaine, and was found to be in possession of firearm.


  • Inns of Court School of Law, Bar Vocational Course [very competent] 1999
  • University of East Anglia, LLB Degree [2:1] 1998

Other Information

Tim loves travel, culture, food, film, sport, life, London, and his children.

Professional Memberships
  • Middle Temple Inn
  • Criminal Bar Association
Latest News

Tim Bass secures acquittal in conspiracy to handle worth over £2million

November 28 2019

Tim Bass secures acquittal in an alleged conspiracy to handle over £2million worth of high value motor vehicles. The Crown...

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