Abbe Arnold

  • Year of Call 2000

Abbe is instructed in both defence and prosecution work. This work includes cases of armed robbery, arson, serious violence, drugs, fraud and sex offences.

Career Overview

Abbe has 19 years of experience; practicing in criminal defence and prosecution work.

She manages a busy caseload, covering matters right across the spectrum of criminal offences. This includes allegations of fraud, violence, particularly gang related violence, dishonesty, drugs, sexual allegations, firearms, weapons, public order, public interest, road traffic.

The cases that Abbe appears in are often serious, complex, evidence-heavy, and multi-handed. Many of them involve representing those who are young, vulnerable, or with mental health difficulties.

Abbe is instructed as both leading and led junior.

Abbe takes the time to really listen to her clients and establish a rapport. She is invested in their cases and achieving a good outcome for them.

Areas of Expertise

Abbe appears in both the Appellate and Crown Courts; specializing in all areas of criminal defence and prosecution work.

In addition to work covered by legal aid, Abbe undertakes privately funded work. She has successfully represented a number of privately funded clients that have faced allegations of a sexual nature [Indecent Images/Rape] and her private practice also extends to road traffic/motor insurance matters.

Notable Cases

R v DS (May 2019) – Conspiracy to Supply Class A Drugs

Guildford CC. Instructed as Leading junior. The case involved allegation of drugs supply Class A and B, possession of firearms/weapons. It was factually complex, a 4 handed case with telephone/cell site and expert evidence.

R v AG (April 2019) – Possession of Firearms and Possession with Intent to Supply

St Albans CC. Defendant found in possession of a large amount of firearms and Class A and B drugs in a lock up garage. Successfully argued exceptional reasons not to impose the mandatory minimum sentence of 5 years.

R v JF (March 2018) – Possession of an imitation firearm with intent to cause fear of violence

Blackfriars CC. An elderly Defendant after being threatened by two neighbours, produced an imitation firearm and threatened them. Defendant was found not guilty by the jury.

R v EH (March 2019) – S18 Wounding x2, Affray

Snaresbrook CC. Prosecuted a Defendant that attended a jobcentre on two occasions, with a kitchen knife attacking the staff and customers, resulting in one employee being stabbed in the leg/back and another being injured whilst attempting to escape.

R v SS (January 2019) – Assault by Penetration/Sexual Assault

Snaresbrook CC. Alleged sexual assault on a patient by a Chiropractor within the clinical setting. Defendant was found not guilty by the jury.

R v RS (December 2018) – Attempted Murder/S18/ABH

St Albans CC. Defendant alleged to have been part of a joint enterprise to a 3 handed stabbing. I successfully ran an argument to dismiss the s18 charges he faced.

R v SM (October 2018) – s18 Wounding

Kingston CC. A young Defendant faced trial in relation to a double stabbing of two women.

R v KT (January & November 2018) - Acquiring criminal property

Kingston CC. 6 handed, paper heavy, 700K fraud, whereby the Defendant was alleged to have acquired the proceeds.

R v TR (September 2018) – S18 GBH

Woolwich CC. Prosecuted a Defendant that had attacked his partner with a baseball bat causing extensive scarring and injuries to her head and face.

R v (February 2017) –Rape

Inner London CC. Defendant faced historical allegations of rape of a pupil that had attended his school. The Complainant had mental health issues and the case was legally and factually complex. This was inherited from a QC after the first two trials had collapsed. He was found not guilty by the jury. Privately funded.

R v AO (October 2017) Rape

Guildford CC. Prosecuted a rape within a domestic setting.

R v SG (November 2017) – Conspiracy to supply class A

Cambridge CC CC. Multi handed Conspiracy to supply kilos of class A drugs. It was factually complex, a 4 handed case with telephone/cell site and expert evidence.

R v JW (September 2017) – Armed Robber

Central CC/Old Bailey. The Defendant allegedly tied up and tortured a man, and then stole his safe with high value watches and money. The Defendant was found not guilty after trial.

R v DG (January 2017) – Sexual Assault

Central CC/Old Bailey. Prosecuted a Defendant that had sexually assaulted his family au pair over a period of time whilst she lived at the family home.

R v KF (January 2017) – Arson

Wood Green CC. Prosecuted a case of Arson in which the Defendant attempted to set fire to his ex-partner’s home.

R v E-IS (February 2019) – Making Indecent Images of Children

Luton CC. A legally and factually complex case with a female Defendant and fitness to plead issues, requiring a full fitness to plead/stand trial hearing.


  • Inns of Court School of Law, Bar Vocational Course [very competent]
  • University of Warwick [2:1]
  • Middle Temple Scholar
  • Grade 3 CPS Advocate and on the Rape list.

Other Information

Abbe loves travel, sports - Tae Kwondo Red belt, Yoga and swimming.

Professional Memberships
  • Criminal Bar Association
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