Jack Jennett

  • Year of Call 2015

Jack is a rising advocate who runs an exclusively criminal defence practice and is regularly instructed on both a private and public basis in all manner of criminal and quasi-criminal proceedings.

Career Overview

Jack joined Chambers following the successful completion of his pupillage under the supervision of Molly Pinkus.

Prior to joining Chambers, Jack worked for a well-known criminal defence and civil liberties firm in central London. Jack worked primarily in confiscation, asset seizure and forfeiture and financial crime.

During this time, Jack played a key role defending a multi-million-pound private prosecution in relation to a serious crime prevention order whereby algorithms said to be worth a billion pounds were said to have been stolen and stored overseas. As a result, Jack has a keen interest and experience in financial and cyber-crime and is comfortable dealing with large amounts of data which arise in such cases.

Since joining Chambers, Jack has run an exclusive defence practice and has continued to grow his practice both in the Magistrates’ Court and the Crown Court. Jack is regularly instructed across the full spectrum of criminal matters including serious violence, sexual offences, drug offences, dishonest offences, public disorder and motoring offences. Jack has also been entrusted to represent individuals charged with allegations of Murder at first instance in both the Magistrates’ and Crown Courts.

Jack has been regularly praised for his interpersonal skills and for the ability to explain complex matters in a calm manner which is easily digestible. As such, Jack is regularly instructed to represent young and/or vulnerable clients and is familiar with the assistance of intermediaries.

Jack also has experience in regulatory/licencing matters as well as extradition and is keen to develop a prison law practice.

Areas of Expertise

General Crime

Jack’s practice is rapidly growing as a criminal defence barrister both in the Crown and Magistrates’ Courts.

Jack often represents both youth and adult clients many of whom are vulnerable and have mental health difficulties. Jack takes pride in tailoring his approach to each case and taking the time to understand his client’s circumstances installing trust that he will do all he can to defend them.

Jack has in-depth knowledge in relation to the rules on disclosure and has been successful in having cases withdrawn due to his submissions on the topic.

Jack has been commended for being a fearless advocate who goes the extra mile for his clients and for having a genuine passion in the cases he is instructed in.

Financial Crime, Confiscation, Asset Seizure and Forfeiture

Jack has a strong background and key interest in financial crime, as well as asset seizure and forfeiture and associated proceedings under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 and is increasingly growing his practice in these areas.

Jack is comfortable in dealing with the large amounts of evidence that often come in such proceedings and is able to advise on the instruction of forensic accountants and the collation of supportive evidence for contested confiscation hearing and seizure/forfeiture applications.

Motoring Offences

Jack has a busy motoring practice and is regularly in both the Magistrates’ Court and the Crown Court dealing with such cases. He has significant experience with contested proceedings as well as arguments in relation to special reasons and exceptional hardship and as a result, has been instructed to represent those who are professional drivers regularly.

Jack is familiar with the law including charging time-limits and procedure and has been successful in having no evidence offered in relation to charges such as drink driving due to his submissions.


Jack has represented taxi drivers who have appealed the decision to have their licences revoked.


Jack has represented those facing Extradition proceedings at first instance as well as bail applications and subsequent review proceedings.

Notable Cases

R v SC (May 2019) – Central Criminal Court

Individual charged with Murder represented at first-appearance in both the Magistrates’ Court and the Crown Court.

R v SG (April 2019) – Maidstone Crown Court

Sentencing hearing for an individual charged with Possession with Intent to Supply Class A. Remains instructed for the ongoing confiscation proceedings.? Read Kent Online article

R v OA (February 2019) – Basildon Crown Court

Client charged with possession of a knife, possession of an ESP baton and theft.

R v KH (January 2019) – Harrow Crown Court

Client charged with possession of a knife in a job centre. After submissions to the Prosecutor on the day of trial, the matter was dismissed.

R v MQ (December 2018) – Maidstone Crown Court

Individual charged with Murder represented at the first appearance before the Crown Court.? Website link.

R v CH (October 2018) – Woolwich Crown Court

Vulnerable client aided by an intermediary acquitted of Robbery and alternative of ABH after trial.

R v NM (October 2018) – St Albans Crown Court

Multi-count Burglary matter with the purported loss exceeding £100,000.

R v TC and Others (May 2019) – Folkestone Magistrates’ Court

Opposed four applications of extension of cash seizure in relation to ongoing Home Office investigation of people trafficking and money laundering.

R v IP (March 2019) – Westminster Magistrates’ Court

Elite private security guard for ultra-high net worth individuals accused of assault.? Website link.

R v PC (January 2019) – Hendon Magistrates’ Court

Defendant charged with breach of a SHPO after touching an off-duty police officer’s leg on a train. ?Website link.

R v RR (December 2018) – Margate Magistrates’ Court

Represented a Defendant charged with drink driving and was successful in having the Prosecution’s expert report excluded from evidence meaning that no evidence was offered and the matter dismissed.

R v TR (August 2018) – Willesden Magistrates’ Court

The Defendant pleaded Guilty to 5 separate driving offences and was sentenced to a 12-month Conditional Discharge and 8 penalty points.

R v LS (June 2018) – Northampton Magistrates’ Court

Defendant at least 64 times over the limit for Drug Driving. The Defendant pleaded Guilty alongside other driving offences and was sentenced to the minimum mandatory ban of 12 months together with a financial penalty.

R v MO (June 2018) – Willesden Magistrates’ Court

Jack successfully argued that a trial should not go ahead due to his concerns over the mental health of the Defendant. Upon review, it was found that the Defendant did have Mental Health issues and the matter was ultimately discontinued.

R v AS (June 2018) – Staines Magistrates’ Court

Defendant is a serving IPP prisoner accused of assaulting a prison guard. Jack secured a bind-over in order to reduce any potential effect on parole.

R v JDB (April 2018) – Highbury Youth Court

Defendant accused of Assaulting a Police Officer with camera evidence and five police officers called as live witnesses. The case was dismissed at the close of the prosecution case after a successful submission of ‘no case to answer’.

R v RT (March 2018) – Highbury Youth Court

Defendant accused of Obstructing a Police Officer during a drug search. After the successful cross-examination of two officers an application of ‘no case to answer’ was made and the case was dismissed.

R v TC (March 2018) – Bromley Magistrates’ Court

Defendant acquitted of failure to provide a specimen following the presentation of live medical evidence at trial.

R v JT (February 2018) – Hastings Magistrates’ Court

Vulnerable Defendant full-credit given for a guilty plea on the day of trial. The Defendant was also subject to a suspended sentence for similar offences. Despite this, the suspended sentence was not activated.

R v MM and others (February 2018) – Willesden Magistrates’ Court

Defendant accused of Conspiracy to Kidnap and Section 18. Jack dealt with the matter at first-appearance giving the initial legal advice to the Defendant. This case is said to have links to both overseas Cartel and Mafia.

R v IS (January 2018) – Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court

Defendant charged with allegations of Assault. Upon the drafting of a Defence Case Statement, the matter was discontinued.

R v CB (November 2017) – Bromley Magistrates’ Court

Semi-professional Boxer acquitted of an allegation of assault against a youth.


  • City Law School, Bar Professional Training Course (Very Competent) (2015)
  • Anglia Ruskin University, LLB Degree – (1st Class Honours)

Other Information

Jack received the Lord Denning Scholarship for the Bar Professional Training Course (2014).

Jack is also an ADR Group accredited Civil and Commercial Mediator (2015).

When he is not at work, Jack enjoys watching football and takes a significant interest in world culture having visited five of the seven continents of the world.

Professional Memberships
  • Lincoln's Inn
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