John Lucas

  • Year of Call 1998

John is a well-respected practitioner with over 23 years’ experience at the Criminal Bar. A superb jury advocate, known for his meticulous preparation.

Career Overview

John is a well-respected practitioner with over 23 years’ experience at the Criminal Bar. A superb jury advocate, known for his meticulous preparation.

The latest edition of Legal 500 describes John as "an experienced barrister - persuasive, charming and has a hugely confident courtroom manner. Clients have complete faith in him."

With an impressive track record of winning cases, John is often instructed as leading junior in the most challenging of proceedings. His case record includes complex fraud, murder, rape, drugs, money laundering and organised crime. 

John also specialises in cases which involve ‘enchro phones’ and enchro type material. He was the leading junior counsel in one of the biggest of these cases (R -v- Fizan Khan / Operation Elation). Another recent case was R -v- David Richard which was an extremely far-reaching conspiracy case at the Cardiff Crown Court.

John has a special ability to deal with cases which require a careful eye to detail, and which involve, experts, including forensic accountants, computers, telephones and I.T. In terms of Johns’ approach to legal matters, he is a strategist, ‘who will always find an angle’. John’s quick thinking and natural talent at advocacy make him a lethal cross-examiner who is able to take a witness apart within minutes of them stepping into the witness box.

Recently John has been instructed on large scale cyber crime matters. This includes R v SA & Others - Snaresbrook Crown Court. Johns client faced cyber crime allegations on an enormous scale which involved ATM fraud and Malware - no evidence offered after John indentified issues with the prosecution case and drafted an advice on the obtaining of digital forensic expert analysis.

Additionally, R v DC & others - Woodgreen Crown Court. John was Lead counsel for 1st defendant - enormous operation to defraud bookmakers in the UK - in excess of £ 1 million - this became a case of narional publicity.

In terms of client care, John is dedicated to the end often spending more time than is even necessary to ensure that ‘no stone is left unturned.’ He is also extremely good at putting clients at ease and is known for his perseverance and seeing cases through to the end.

Areas of Expertise

  • Crime
  • Cyber Crime / Cyber Fraud
  • Financial crime including large scale fraud and fraud generally
  • Sexual offences across the spectrum
  • POCA & Forfeiture
  • Regulatory work
  • Organised Crime
  • Drug related crime
  • Road Traffic Cases
  • Prosecutions brought by local authorities
  • General Civil work including contractual obligations, FTT work including breaches of covenant, and forfeiture claims and PI work.

Direct Access

John accepts instructions via “direct access”

Notable Cases


R v AT - Maidstone Crown Court - Death by careless

Defendant acquitted - case of nationwide publicity.

R v AN - Newport Crown Court - Sexual order breach

Sexual order breach case of nationwide publicity - John swayed the Court 

R v DB - Blackfriars Crown Court - Money laundering

7 month fraud and money laundering trial at Blackfriars Crown Court involving over 100 million pounds - case of nationwide publicity - John was lead counsel in this case and secured a brilliant result for his client. 

R v MM & others - Woolwich Crown Court - large scale drugs and money laundering operation

“Thank God for John Lucas ….I know I’m lucky to have him as my barrister” (case continues ..)

R v KT - Preston Crown Court – large scale cannabis production case and money laundering

“Mr Lucas handled each witness brilliantly..he was an excellent listener and looked after me during the trial and I cannot praise him enough..his attention to detail was incredible ..”

R v SY – Isleworth Crown Court - Firearms

Large scale firearms trial- allegation of money laudering and stocking and supplying a large number of dangerous firearms. Father of the accused said “I’ve got my son back ……you’ve given me back my son ..he is born again – I can’t express how greatful I am to you Mr Lucas…you’ve changed everything..”

R v Mohammed Quadir & others - Birmingham Crown Court – (large scale drugs supply and money laundering)

“Mr Lucas was the boldest advocate ’, I’m so happy that the jury found me not guilty”….

R v Georgina Alleyne – Croydon Crown Court – (possession of firearms... result of suspended sentence)

“I can’t thank you enough for giving me John Lucas as my barrister…he was always re-assuring and I thought my whole life was collapsing ...he handled the case brilliantly…”)

R v Manuel Antougia – Inner London Crown Court (Sexual Assault... unanimous verdict of not guilty)

“You saved my life Mr Lucas …thank you so much…”

R v Jaider Periera – Kingston Crown Court (Sexual Activity with a child -unanimous verdict of not guilty)

“The way you handled the witnesses was brilliant …. I can’t express my gratitude to you ...I was facing a lifetime of misery…”

R v Bobby Melrose – Cambridge Crown Court … (Rape Allegation – unanimous verdict)

”John practically save my life…he was brilliant in every and had the jury eating out of his hand…. I was so worried that my life was going to come to an end and that I’d never see my son again but John changed that…...I now have my life back ….and I’m seeing my son and all thanks to John”

R v Jason Farinas & others – Wood Green Crown Court - Murder

Attempted Murder allegation along with 8 co-defendants, lead counsel …first trial hung jury unanimous not guilty verdict by jury. “John is a brilliant barrister …. we can’t thank him enough …he has been dedicated to the end and had done a brilliant job….” (Family of Jason Farinas)

R v B Mohammed – Harrow Crown Court ... (s.18 GBH allegation )

“The case started badly and John had only just got the papers but by the 2nd day he turned the case upside down on its head in my favour and against the prosecution and we started winning…from there it was better and better in my favour until we won the case…I’m very grateful to John ...”

R v Renroy Johnson Attempted Murder at Wolverhampton Crown Court

Case of nationwide publicity.

Mohammed Ali, K Hussein (& others) – Sexual Risk Prevention Order

Involving 4 defendants at Birmingham Magistrates Court;

R v Pierzhada Khan - Murder

murder trial involving 6 defendants lead by Tyrone Smith QC at Birmingham Crown Court.

Lauma Vankova (& others) Large scale fraud and money laundering trial which involved 4 defendants

Lead counsel (leading Thomas McGarvey) and prosecuted by Greg Perrins (now HHJ Perrins at Wood Green Crown Court).

R v John Burnley – Cambridge Crown Court

Extremely unusual trial involving rape of a grandchild;

Foysol Ahmed (& others)

Local authority prosecution at Stafford Crown Court involving 9 defendants – case of large scale publicity;

R v Robert Bailey (& others)

Exceptionally large multi-handed trial involving 13 defendants of child abuse at Warwick Crown Court.

R v Leon Pacquette – Central Criminal Court - Murder

3 week murder trial led by James Scobie QC.

R v Jason Farinas (& others) - Murder

Lead Counsel in 9 handed attempted murder trial at Wood Green Crown Court co-defending with Lee Karu QC (for the second defendant). A commendation received from the Learned Trial Judge (HHJ F. Morrison who is now retired).

R v Blandford – Worcester Crown Court

Serious Crime Prevention Order involving 5 million pounds.


  • B.A Hons (Oxford)
  • P.G LLB Hons (City University)

Other Information

Hobbies and Interests

John is a keen tennis player at club level and enjoys working out.

In terms of interests John enjoys cooking, travelling, learning new languages (he is fluent in French, German and Armenian and reading history of old cars, buses and pubs and whatever else he can.

Professional Memberships
  • Criminal Bar Association
  • Honorary Member of Middle Temple Inn
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