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Farringdon Chambers and thirteen of our members are ranked in Legal 500 edn 2024

We are proud to announce that Farringdon Chambers and thirteen of our barristers have been ranked across the Crime and Fraud sections of the Legal 500 edition 2024. As always, we are grateful to our instructing solicitors and colleagues at the Bar that have taken their time to submit references for chambers and our barristers. 

Farringdon Chambers has maintained its ranking in Legal 500 edition 2024 in the Crime category and was reviewed as follows:

Farringdon Chambers is a strong set with several leading practitioners. Ian Henderson KC’s practice is exclusively defence-based – he primarily defends in murder trials but also handles serious sexual offences cases. Claire Davies KC also regularly handles homicide cases and recently represented a defendant, alleged to be connected to an organised crime group, in a multi-handed triple conspiracy to murder case which involved several cut-throat defences. Martin McCarthy is a leading junior whose expertise includes homicide, drugs, people trafficking, and serious organised crime cases.

Congratulations to our senior clerk who received well deserved praise as well: 

‘Robert Archer is establishing a fine stable of barristers under his direction and drive.’

‘Robert Archer is a rock in the clerks’ room. He is always helpful and eager to assist.’

‘Robert Archer is a clerks clerk and is utterly magnificent at what he does.’

Our members were ranked across two categories, crime and financial crime and are praised as follows: 

Ian Henderson KC, ranked as a leading Silk [Tier 1]. ‘Ian is a special kind of barrister. Although he is both learned in the law and a compelling advocate, he has no airs and graces. Juries can tell that he is at heart one of them and as a result, he gets them on his side.’

Claire Davies KC, ranked as a 2022 Silk in Crime and Financial Crime. 'Claire is ruthlessly efficient. She doesn't shy away from taking the difficult points in any case but does it with grace and charm.' 'Claire is a focused and determined advocate who is perfect for cases of complexity and detail.'

Martin McCarthy, ranked as a Leading junior in crime [Tier 1] and Financial Crime [Tier 3]. ‘Martin is an exceptional practitioner who is the rare combination of a brilliant brain and an excellent advocate. He reads the room and even in the most challenging of cases ensures that the jury and judge are on board with him.’ 

Molly Pinkus, ranked as a Leading junior in crime [Tier 2].  ‘Molly is a capable advocate. She gets to the nub of all matters evidential or legal. She also has a good way with juries.' 

Graham Arnold, ranked as a Leading junior in crime [Tier 2] and fraud [Tier 2]. ‘Graham's analytical skills are of a high quality. He is not shy to put forward legal arguments and his advocacy is precise and to the point. He also builds great rapport with his clients.' 

Ioana Nedelcu, ranked as a Leading junior in crime [Tier 2]. ‘Ioana is an exceptionally bright junior with a good strategic mind for even the most delicate of situations. An extremely thorough barrister, she knows cases inside out. She has a stellar future ahead of her.' 

Christopher Whitehouse, ranked as a Leading junior in crime [Tier 3]. ‘Chris has a devastating command of the details in cases. He holds the respect of the court and is a real class act who makes powerful and persuasive closing speeches and puts client care at the forefront. He has excellent forensic skills with particular talent in cross-examining expert scientific witnesses.'

Shelley Griffith, ranked as a Leading junior in crime [Tier 3].

Greg Krieger, ranked as a Leading junior in crime [Tier 3]. ‘Greg is extremely articulate and is a class act. He is very hard-working and very experienced. He has a deep commitment towards his clients and is highly sought-after.' 

Ronnie Bergenthal is ranked as a Leading junior in crime [Tier 4]. ‘Ronnie's advocacy is precise, considered, thoughtfully planned and well executed. He reads the instructions, prepares well for conferences and hearings so is master of the facts of the brief and provides reassuring advice to lay clients.'

Karl Volz, ranked as a Leading junior in crime [Tier 4]. 'Karl's cross-examination is very incisive and his closing speeches are extremely persuasive. He always remains calm under pressure even in the most stressful situations and when dealing with the most difficult clients. He is a fighter who hates losing and gains the respect of clients very quickly for this reason.' 

Soraya Lawrence, ranked as a Leading junior in crime [Tier 4]. ‘Soraya is a fearless and tenacious advocate - she never shies away from a point that she believes is worth taking. She is a great team player too.’

John Lucas, ranked as a Leading junior in financial crime [Tier 4]. 

Farringdon Chambers is looking forward to another prosperous year and continue to provide the best service for our clients. 

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