William Chipperfield

  • Year of Call 2010 Lincolns Inn (Grays Inn 2011)

A natural communicator he is able to engage with a jury with apparent ease allowing him to secure acquittals even where the circumstances are less than favourable.

Career Overview

Highly regarded for his approachability, high standards and professional integrity.

Frequently instructed to advise in high-profile cases, including actions brought by the Serious Fraud Office, Serious Organised Crime Agency, Financial Services Authority, Metropolitan Police Service.

William specialises in matters relating to organised crime and large scale drug operations which may involve cell site and encrochat evidence.

Practice includes advising on applications under the Proceeds of Crime Act, including confiscation, asset forfeiture and restraint.  Represents both corporate and individual clients and accepts direct access work.

Private clients include some of the leading names in the entertainment industry seeking pre-charge advice for a range of criminal charges.  

Areas of Expertise

  • Firearms / Trafficking / Manufacturing 
  • Drugs / Conspiracy / Importation / Distribution / Production / Encrochat 
  • Fraud / Money Laundering 
  • Proceed of Crime 
  • Serious Acts of Violence
  • Serious Sex Offence 
  • Theft / Conspiracy to Steal 
  • Road Traffic Incidents (Criminal and Civil Liability)
  • Personal Injury (Vehicle related)

Notable Cases

R v LM (Northampton Crown Court) – Drugs Conspiracy

Client was the alleged 2nd in command of £5M drugs conspiracy.

No Encro phones were seized directly, but Encro evidence was obtained and so damning that the head of the conspiracy pleaded at the PTPH.

The defence case was duress of circumstances and that they were not 2nd in command but moreover a modern slave.

Client was found not guilty after a jury trial lasting 6 weeks. The defence team did a comparative analysis on the Encro messages against the defendant’s personal phones and proved he was acting under direction of the boss at all times and, persuaded the jury we were boss was using us as a barrier between him and any provable criminality.

Unanimous acquittal for client. The others all received double figure custodial sentences.

This is just one of many Encro cases Wiliam has been involved in, but possibly most notable due to successfully arguing duress which can be the hardest defence to secure an acquittal.

R v MF (Winchester Crown Court) - Rape

Serving NCO charged with 9 counts of historic domestic violence ranging from actual bodily harm, controlling and coercive behaviour, cruelty to child under 16, and harassment.  The prosecution case was supported by the evidence of 3 complainants and were largely corroborative.  The defence case rested almost entirely on the evidence of the defendant and therefore credibility was the key issue at trial.  The jury acquitted the defendant on all counts.  He was further awarded his costs.

R v DB (Luton Crown Court) - Assault

Ex-RAF officer accused of assaulting his wife’s lover, possession of 4 knives and criminal damage (slashing of tyres) to the vehicle used to visit her lover.  The jury acquitted the defendant on all counts.  He was further awarded his costs.

GK v GK (Cambridge Crown Court) - Driving Offence

Sales Engineer charged with driving with excess alcohol.  The defendant purchased a bottle of wine on his way to work and purposely consumed half the bottle in the supermarket car park before completing his two-minute journey to work.  Another shopper reported this to the police who attended his place of work and breathalysed him upon his arrival.  Expert evidence concluded the defendant could not have been drunk at the time of driving due to the absorption rate of alcohol.  The defendant’s conviction and disqualification from driving was subsequently quashed on appeal.  He was further awarded his costs.

R v FA (Inner London Crown Court) - Arson

The defendant was charged with Arson namely setting fire to his hospital mattress whilst being detained under the Mental health Act.  Chipperfield’s case centred on the lawfulness of his client’s continued detention and resulted in the defendant’s acquittal. 

R v GG (Norwich Crown Court) - Dangerous Driving

The defendant was charged with dangerous driving namely hitting a cyclist causing serious injury such that the cyclist was unable to provide an account.  Chipperfield’s case centred on the likelihood of the cyclist travelling from the pavement to the road immediately prior to the impact.  The defendant was acquitted after trial.  He was further awarded his costs.

R v DK (Norwich Crown Court) - Assault

Defendant was charged with assaulting a police officer occasioning grievous bodily harm.  5 other officers witnessed the incident and provided corroborating evidence.  the jury acquitted the defendant.


  • University of Oxford, Master of Science in Criminology & Criminal Justice 
  • Qualified for the Bar at College of Law, London
  • University of Staffordshire, BA(Hons)
  • Aylesbury Grammar School
  • Lord Williams’ Comprehensive School, Thame

Other Information

William holds a half blue in polo and still plays regularly. He also enjoys target shooting, both with pistols and rifles as well as country walks and sailing.

Language: German, Spanish, French

Professional Memberships
  • Criminal Bar Association
  • Amicus (Assisting Lawyers for Justice)
  • Director & Trustee 2006-2016
  • British Film Institute
  • Dogs Trust
  • Oxford University Polo Cub (Alum.)
Latest News

William Chipperfield represented a client who was the alleged 2nd in command of a 5 million pound drugs conspiracy

May 23 2024

No Encro phones were seized directly, but the Encro evidence obtained was damning.   The defence case was duress of circumstances and...

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February 18 2019

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